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Sunflower Beauty

The Sunflower!
One of the happiest flowers I know! Bringing us gifts of beauty and warmth.  They bring with their beauty the ability to provide energy in the form of nourishment.  They lift our spirits with those bright and cheery yellow petals surrounding the dark center of the flower. 
Growing big and tall, short and plenty, bright yellow to sunset red you can never have enough sunflower! 

Janet Erbe's 10 ft tall flower! 

The bees love them too!

Oh so tall and one bloom!

Photo by Janet Erbe adding her creative touch!

Janet Erbe grows them big!

Even after the petals begin to fall they still bring a prim perfect look when dried as shown here by Janet Erbe!

Donna Munson dried some little ones to add to her prim perfect home!

The seeds patterns are amazing! 

They bring such inspirations to our creations!
Linda Hanneman's punched beauty pinkeep!

 enjoy these last few weeks of our friend the Sunflower!


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