Past Work of the PHM Artists

Good Housekeeping

 The collections of PHM artist Audrey Baker

Audrey has shared her many wonderful primitive country collections with us.  Today we are sharing with you her 
"Good Housekeeping" 

Whisk Brooms and Barber Brushes

Whisk brooms ~A common misconception is that brooms are made of straw. In fact, they're produced from broom corn, a once common crop that's hard to find now.  Broom corn (sorghum vulgare) is sometimes called millet or guinea corn

Barber Brushes were originally made from Horse hair & Badger hair.

Wooden Stocking & Sock Forms

. These antique stocking forms were used for drying socks, or stockings, and also for keeping them in shape

  Treen Mashers & Rolling Pins

(Treen~ is a generic name for small handmade functional household objects made of wood)

Early rolling pins were made of turned wood. Sometimes the ends were tapered like a sailor’s belaying pin (used to secure rigging on ships), while others had one or both ends turned to form handles. The Shakers were particularly known for their elegant wooden rolling pins
Over time, rolling pins have been made from nearly every kind of wood possible, including sycamore, walnut, pine, cherry, mahogany, boxwood, beech, fruitwood, and ash. But the best and most popular woods for rolling pins were maple
The size and shape of a rolling pin, as well as its handles, often gives a good indication of its purpose. Long, convex wooden rolling pins with tapered ends instead of handles, similar to the pins prefered by French bakers, are often used for pie crusts. Short, straight rolling pins were meant for candy makers

Yellowware Bowls

(Grain Measures & Buckets)

Cherished for their charm and durable utility, yellowware bowls were staples in 19th- and early-20th-century­ kitchens

Crocks and Batter Jugs

Audrey has such lovely collections & an absolutely wonderful talent for early home decorating

Please stop by Audrey's page on PHM to see more of  her Folk Art talent and inspiration

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  1. Oh, these photos are so beautiful. On a teeny tiny level, these things are what I collect also. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home.


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