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Road Trip to the Museum of Appalachia

Museum of Appalachia...where time stands still

"We simply cannot appreciate where we are today, or understand where we are going tomorrow, 
unless we understand where, as a culture, we've been in the past." This is part of a quote from John Rice Irwin the founder of the Museum of Appalachia. 

It speaks to the heart and soul of every folk artist. We draw on these times to give us the inspiration for some of the pieces found at Primitive Handmades Mercantile. These photos are courtesy of Darlene of Heritage Homestead Decor

If you need a road trip the museum is in Clinton, Tennessee. For more info...Museum of Appalachia

Many thanks to Darlene...Your friends at PHM


  1. Wow, another place to put on my "Must Visit" list! Thanks for sharing your photos Darlene.


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