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Herb gardening

One of our favorite things in the summer months are 
"Herb Gardens"

Whether it is the beauty in the plantings or the abundance of the herbs to use later in the year or the smells when we run our hands through the plant or adding to our next meal...I could go on and on.

Is your herb garden elaborate?

Do you use pots to help contain invaders like mint?

I found this great way to use a space!

Do you live where you do not have ground to put in an herb garden?
Why not do something like this?

What ever your favorite herbs are...have you started freezing and drying them to use your harvest throughout the coming year.

Here are a few links to help you with that...

also lots of good info for beginners

and of course...we can always count on Martha Stewart to give us lots of  projects!

I personally have an abundance of lavender, spearmint and basil. My harvested lavender will be the filling for my pinkeeps in the fall and spring. My basil is a staple around here for pizza and pesto. I have also had lots of fun trying to find ways to use my variety of mints. Here is a local Lancaster County Amish recipe you might like to try:

Meadow Tea
1 c. mint leaves...1/4 c. sugar...10 c. water

Wash mint and add to a pan with sugar (adjust to your taste) and 2 c. water. Bring to a boil and steep for 30 minutes. Remove leaves and add 8 c. cold water. Serve over ice. 

Let is know your favorite ways to use your herbs!
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  1. such a sweet post..
    sweet hugs x

  2. I use basil, chives and Greek oregano every year from my garden.... then dry it to use during the Winters months!

  3. Love the idea with the bricks for "containing" the traveling mints and such. Great herb garden! On your post below; I am fortunate to live within 40 minutes of the Musuem, and visit several times a year for "inspiration".


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