Past Work of the PHM Artists

Our collection of antique cookie cutters...

Seems that all folk artists do think alike...
well, maybe that is stretching it a bit. But we do collect alike!

This great collection is owned by Donna of Country Keepers. Seems she has been busy!

 And another collection by Carol of Woodland Primitives.  Carol loves birds so she has tried to keep her cookie cutter collection around the bird theme. 

In researching for this post, I found LOTS of cookie cutters available on Etsy.
That can be totally dangerous!!! So, if you want to start collecting, want to add to your collection or just see what is out there make sure you check out what is offered. 

Then... you can learn about the "History of Cookies" courtesy of Otis Spunkmeyer.

Sad to say that we don't use cookie cutters like our mothers and grandmothers did before us.
Why not get out that sugar cookie recipe (or go to this one from, the rolling pin and your cookie cutters and make some cookies this weekend. I'm sure you'll smile from the memories you have of freshly baked cookies!

Your friends at PHM!


  1. Love the old cookie cutters!!!! I still make sugar cookies at Christmas time!

  2. Great collections and I wish you hadn't told me there were lots for sale on Etsy, I'm not going to be able to resist!


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