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A Sunflower Tutorial for you!!!

Happy Summer from PHM!
From time to time we will be offering a fun tutorial for a sweet primitive handmade by our artists!  Starting off we would like to thank Misi of 1890 Gable House Goodes for this awesome sunflower!  
Corn Husk Sunflower

Mini Glue Gun/ glue sticks
Floral “U” Pins
14” Styrofoam Wreath Ring
12” -(1” thick) Styrofoam Disc
2 Pkg’s of Dried Corn Husks (Tamales style)
Acrylic Brown Paint


Step 1
Attach the Corn Husks to the wreath base first by using hot glue at the widest edge of the husk over the inside edge of the base. Then reach under the husk with more hot glue and attach the bottom back of the husk to the flat top of the wreath form. If you wish to use for exterior decorating then apply a “U” shaped floral pin for extra security.
Work around the wreath by layering the husks to form the petals of a Sunflower.
Step 2
Paint one side of the 12” Styrofoam Disc with acrylic brown  paint. When the paint is dry stick the disk into the center of your corn petal wreath. (brown side up) This should be a snug fit, but you should also push a few floral ‘U” pins into the disc at an angle that also grabs the inside wreath form.
Once you have attached the disk to the wreath with the pins you can also drag a bead of hot glue around the interior edges.
Step 3
Begin by filling the center with pinecones, I preferred to have my cones point up, but you can fill in the inner circle shape any way that you choose. I put a bead of hot glue at the bottom end of my pinecones and pressed down firmly into the Styrofoam base. I used narrow pinecones so that I could also use the “U” pins at an angle for extra grasp onto the base.
Step 4
Once you have completed filling in the center of the wreath you can then flip the wreath over and paint the back of the Styrofoam with brown paint ..attach a wire loop and its ready to hang.

A few notes 
You can also use a straw wreath as a base .. the rounder edge makes for a cupped flower
You can paint the corn husks yellow ..or any other shade.. I recommend sealing the acrylic paint with a clear coat for exterior display.



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