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Collecting Redware

Do you love redware?

Redware is a type of reddish pottery made from clay and fired at low temperatures.
 Early American settlers used local clay to make redware for utilitarian household items.

The color of redware pottery is due to its high iron content, which turns a reddish color after firing despite what may have been the clay's original color. 

Did you know that there is Pennsylvania German Pottery, Shenandoah Pottery, New England
Pottery, Moravian Pottery, European Redware Pottery, Southern Redware Pottery, Frontier Redware 
Pottery and English Delftware Pottery all made from redware? If you'd like to read about each of these, the great information is available here at David T. Smith's website. 

This collection of slipware plates is courtesy of one of our generous 
folk artists Mona Holland. You can visit her PHM page too!

You can purchase newly made redware for your own collections. 
Here are a few artists we found...

Foltz Pottery, Reinholds, PA

Turtlecreek Pottery
Morrow, OH

Macumgie, PA

If you have a redware collection or know of a redware potter...let us know so we can share.

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