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Globe bank collection

 My collection of globe banks just started a few years ago...

We all have studied maps, the globe, know how to recognize the 50 states and some of us just might be able to remember the capitals of those states. That was now was when I married a military service member. Before our first deployment we got out a very large school map and hung it on the wall placing an arrow in his location for the next year. During his time away I fell in love with these small globe banks and sought them out whenever I went antiquing.

 The one on the top shelf by the bird is my favorite...
The one on the left is the only one that has a key attached. 

Most of these were made by the Ohio Art Company, the people who bring you etch-a-sketch.
But, depending on your age, you might have had one of their pails or child's watering can pictured below.

I am still looking for a very small one, not sure if it exists, but you know it is all in the "hunt".

The "funny" twist to this a child my husbands mother would play a game with a globe. She would give him a place somewhere on their globe and he had to find it. Seems our lives are intertwined in many ways.

What do you collect?
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