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Fun Craft Show Creation!

Summer craft shows are under way!  If you are fortunate enough to have a show in your area be sure to venture out and support your local vendor!
Today, I would like to share with you one item I started to create last Summer for the shows I attend.
 It all started with a walk in the woods on my husbands family acreage.  
I was seeing these grapevines growing everywhere in the woods! My head started to spin trying to figure out what I could do with them!
Earlier in the week my daughter asked if we could build her a trellis for a creeping flower.......... so with that thought in my head, the snipping began!  
The second one in from the left was the first trellis we made which took a bit of time doing all the twisting and bending.  My husband wasn't real impressed with my design so he came up with this own using the straight "poles" which can be crafted rather quickly!  No two are ever alike and I love the unique bends they each have!

The fun begins with walking around the woods gathering the vines!  They come in all thicknesses! They are quite amazing when you start looking closely at them.  I often wonder how old some of these thick old twisted ones can be! Love this one right near our cabin.

Some are found in clusters!

The grow to the top of the tall trees in search of sunlight!

We even have them "decorating" our campfire area! On a side note, the log furniture you see in this picture was made by our son who gathered the standing dead logs from this same woods. 

They fit right in with the primitive display at the shows!  Thanks for stopping by the PHM Blog! If you would like to see these in person I will be vending at the Lititz Rotary Club craft show on August 9th in Lititz, PA!  It's a large one day show with over 500 vendors! My space number N4 & N5 located by the bank at the square!
By Teresa Miller of Teresa's Primitive Treasures!

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