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Road trip to the Morven Museum and Garden

Road Trip...

Sometimes you just have to put the needle down and have a girls day out...
and that is just what we did. Last week we visited the
  Morven Museum and Garden in Princeton, New Jersey. 
It was the last week to view the exhibit 

In five galleries of the museum, we were able to view 151 wonderful antique samplers. 
Each one cataloged and referenced by the curators. The samplers were organized 
geographically featuring every region of the state of New Jersey. 
Samplers were also grouped by the girls academies and the instructors. 

We were very fortunate to have met Dan and Marty Campanelli two of the curators. 
They explained the huge task it was to acquire all of the needlework, 
the way the pieces were framed and even hand delivered to the museum. 
Marty showed us specific details to the samplers that linked them to a specific area or teacher. 
The "collared deer" for example was a motif used in Hunterdon County. 
The samplers also included alphabets, pictures, slogans, family birth and death records, 
the girls name, age and date it was stitched. 

Here are a few of the ones we enjoyed...
If you are interested in looking at samplers to purchase, here is a site to drool over...

Here are my two fellow stitchers who who enjoyed the day with me.
We missed the trip with a few others from PHM but were so glad we made this one...
even in the dreary, rainy, "where is spring" kind of day!

We hope you can join us again on another road trip...
who knows where it will be.

Hugs from all of us to you!

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  1. I am just drooling over those samplers. I bet you girls had a great time. Wish I'd been there. Thank you for sharing your day!


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