Past Work of the PHM Artists the road

I have projects in mind, as many of us do! 
So many in fact, I may never see them come to fruition. 
Sometimes it's time that isn't made available...sometimes it's supplies that one doesn't find 
the budget for. But for whatever the reason...I can find a use for anything found beside the road.

Recently, I stopped to pick up a piece of tin...what delight and excitement when I spied that tin!
The worlds best bargain I say! I can use it for a bee skep house roof on a little garden stand! 
Something that's been on my list of wants for several years. 
And there it was in all it's glory...just laying beside the road. 
Abandoned and unwanted...should I stop? Should I risk it?

YES, so I pulled over, scooped it up and away I went...all bent over in the car...with my roadside treasure! I find I'm not alone...many of you might have done the same...seems an old tin bucket
a scrap of rusty goodness...a chunk of aged wood...all gleam with possibilities!

Will I get that bee skep built? I sure intend to...and I will continue to be vigilant to the treasures of the road! Keeping an open mind to all the possibilities of it's offerings! Some of my favorite projects came from these roadside surprises.

So, if I see you pull over...I will be sure to grin with you my sister in junk!

Courtesy Michi Ball


  1. Enjoy your day dear..
    Big hugs x

  2. Haha! Love this! there's a little chippy blue table taking center place in my living room that came from the curb more than 30 years ago. I have so many plans in my head for quilts and projects that I know for a fact I will never see them all come to pass. My husband says, "Quit having ideas!" Yeah, like that's going to happen! Keep on picking!

  3. The best kind of treasure. Love it!

  4. Don't you just love these kind of finds!!!!


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