Past Work of the PHM Artists

Getting things done...

We have an update this week...
Thursday night to be exact and I wanted to give you a glimpse into a folk artists time.

There are few who are already finished with the new goods for this week...

There are some that are still working on them...

and there are some that haven't started yet

You can count me in on the latter!!! 

How do you get things done?
 Do you procrastinate? Are you a list maker and a planner? Are you organized or live in organized chaos? Do you work best under pressure? Or are you carefree and laid-back? 

Photo courtesy of Sew Woodsy

This photo made me laugh today! You can find lots of help out there for "getting things done".

Here are a few...

Never fear for on Thursday you will not be disappointed. There will be stitcheries, hooked rugs, animals, dolls, pinkeeps because there are great folk artists in our group that love what they do! I think one actually hooks rugs in her sleep, our "super woman" can paint while riding a horse and tending a garden, someone stitches away during the tornado warnings and some of us (ME) better get busy! See ya' Thursday evening 9 'ish!

Your friends at PHM!


  1. Hey!! That's how my work space looks all the time!!!

  2. I'm the worlds greatest procrastinator and am always scrambling at the last minute to get things done! Sew Woodsy's work space looks alot like mine, I finally had to break down the last few days and clean mine up as I had no where to work anymore! Can't wait for Thursday's release, PHM never fails to have the most beautiful offerings.


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