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Of Cloth and Hand...a visit with Bobbette and Angela

What a delight it was to meet two incredible ladies this past weekend at the 1824 Walker Farmhouse Antique Show...and I do mean "southern ladies"!
You can tell that they love what they do and dress the part authentically down to the tiniest detail. 
This is Bobbette Griffin on the left and Angela Hillstrom on the right. Bobbette specializes in historical textiles, clothing construction and woman's handwork of the 1800's and has a wealth of knowledge.  Angela recreates dolls from the 19th century using textiles from that period. 
 Here is Bobbette with an extraordinary quilt from the 1800's.

Her latest "find" just on her travels to PA...would you have bought this quilt? The back was a wonderful brown print. 

Here are a few of Angela's creations. My photo is a bit difficult to see the items and detail with the background of the quilt on the table. Angela's work has been chosen for the last 5 years to be included in the Directory of Traditional American Crafts through Early American Life magazine.

Below is the link to their web site. There you will find the outstanding work by Angela and the photos of Bobbette's home. I'm sure you would like to move in but you have to get in line behind me! 

Enjoy...your friends at PHM!


  1. What a wonderful time that must have been! I love Angela's work and Bobbette's finds are always incredible!
    Blessings, Patti


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