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May Day

May May Day.

There are many ancient traditions that are practiced on this holiday. The tradition historically celebrates spring turning into summer, but someone forgot to tell Mother Nature this year! May Day dates back to the Roman goddess of flowers, the festival of Flora. Roman, German and Celtic traditions also honored this day. It evolved from pagan roots to Christian celebrations crowning Mary. In the late 20th century people would leave homemade May baskets filled with spring flowers and treats on neighbors doorknobs, usually anonymously.
 If you missed this tradition, maybe you could brighten your neighbors day next year. 

Photo credit to Earth Sky
Historical info credit to Lipstick, Lollipops & Life

Here is another photo from North Beach House and Garden Club in Maryland

Did I get the wheels turning yet? Make sure you make notes so you don't forget next year when May 1st sneaks up on us again!

Your friends at PHM!

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