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April showers!

If April showers bring May flowers, we sure will be blessed with many!
While it is raining in this part of the country and probably yours too we can plan those flower beds and dream of the day we can go dig in the dirt. 

We all have our favorite perennials in our flower beds. Some that greet us early and some we wait for until the warm summer months. My favorite is black eyed susans. What are yours?

Did you ever hear of the wives tale that you are suppose to "steal" perennials from your neighbor? If she gives them to you they don't do well in your garden. Hopefully, you can "steal" them after a discussion of which ones you should dig! Please don't go digging up someones prize rose bush!

Are you ready prim lovers?

For those prim lovers, here are a few great photos of the the prim gardens of one of our PHM sisters.

 I am oohing over the watering cans!
 How about those sweet birdhouses!

I need to go prim shopping this weekend for garden finds! How about you? Are you inspired yet?
A very big hug and thank you to Janet for letting us use her photos!

What is your favorite perennial and do you dry it and save it to enjoy through the winter?

From your friends at PHM


  1. Love those hollyhocks! I just planted some this year so I hope they grow! Another wives tale is if you thank someone for giving you a plant it won't grow! LOL

  2. Amazing collection of garden pictures! I love everything. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs!

    1. Thanks Carol! It sure has inspired a few of us to get to those gardens!

  3. wonderful blog...will be sure to visit again

  4. wonderful blog...will visit again


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